Juztin Sane



Murderous raps and sinister bangin tracks from Atlanta's HATCHETHEAD taylor made for fans of the wicked side of rap. Fans of ICP, Tech N9ne, Esham, Twiztid, tap that vein and get your fix on this pure horrorcore rap. His story is fabled.

Creeping out of the dirty underbelly of the south comes Atlanta's own original horrorcore rapper HatchetHead. Originally known thru out the south for his numerous contributions to several death metal acts in the 90's-2000's including Lestregus Noferatus know for their incredible stage shows. Deciding he had done all he could do in death metal, Hatchethead would do a complete 360 and start a horror rap career. Taking his one of a kind delivery, gruesome character and stage antics to the rap scene in the south. It was only a matter of time and Hatchethead would start getting shows opening national acts around the southeast like: Esham, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, Potluck, Project Born and many others. Hatchethead started his own label called Bloodtooth records in 2004 and began releasing music. He put a self-titled e.p. out in 2005 put out a group full length cd called Street Demonz which featured Prozak, Killa C and many Georgia rappers. This cd quickly sold thru the south, which inturn helped him make a name for himself.HatchetHead has put out many CD's over the years such as: Posterchild for the Undead, Swallow your Soul, Happy Halloween, Monstar and also engineered and produced many other artists. During his career HatchetHead would get to know well known Strange Music artist Prozak on a personal level who contributed on several tracks. HatchetHeads newest cd is Verbal Debauchery and he's joined by Tech N9ne, Prozak, Bizarre of D12, King Gordy, The R.O.C., Juztin Sane, Toxiic, Shank, Prozak & Madness as Bedlam, truly making Verbal Debauchery destined to be one of the best horrorcore cd's in recent times.